7 Sex Toys For Naughty And Hot Girls’ Party

The diversity of toys on the market of sex contraption can compete with the market of smartphones, and we are not a bit upset by this fact. Sex has been necessary for human existence long before Nokia started connecting people, and it will be after phones will become obsolete for communication. By sex, we mean here every possible kind of sex, not just traditional hetero version of it.

And obviously, sex toys for lesbians, solo, and couples, make visible part of this market. They range from discreet vibrators to amazing pieces that look like funky colored toy weapons kids love to hit each other with.  These pieces are perfect for pleasing yourself or your significant other, or for simultaneous pleasure, or even for sex parties.

Due to their unusual and bright looks, these devices are also cool looking for lesbian live webcams where you want to enjoy everything up to the smallest detail. Whether you observe a solo girl get her portion of masturbation, see a couple engaging in light sexual play or watch the whole hot bunch fuck each other with a very peculiar kind of dildo – you will feel the pleasure just as they do (and maybe you will want to get yourself that one toy)!

We’ll begin with definite winners of the list.

1.    Realistic Double Dildo by Doc Johnson

is a bit of something. It is actually a two sided flexible dildo of different colors, so two girls can play with it at once. One side is pushed up the wet pussy of a lying girl while another one straddles the dildo and does it rider style. Amazing see-saw for fucking and all kinds of dual pleasure.

2. Lelo Sona Clitoral Massager 

is for pure female pleasure, and you will share it by watching her yell and squirt time after time with this thing. It is a kind of oral sex toy that caresses clitoris, so vagina can be stuffed with a dildo for more pleasure. See how it all works together and you will not regret it.

3. Strap-on  Double Penetrator and Anal Vibrator

looks extraterrestrial and works equally amazingly. You can come hard just by watching it work if you like regular sex, anal sex or strap-on play in lesbian live webcams. Ona chick wears a strap-on with not one but two dildos and fucks another chick in her pussy and her ass at once while giving her clitoris orgasm, too. We bet you can’t wait to see it at work, so join cams at https://firecams.com/category/lesbian ASAP.

4.    Regular strap-on dildos in lesbian live webcams

are indispensable for hot sex parties, this is why a reliable and good one is a must. Just imagine how girls make a fucking chain where one gets her pussy or ass fucked hard from behind and at the same time fucks the girl in front of her. The chain can be endless, and so can your orgasms from seeing it.

5. Rabbit vibrators

look like a little alien messing with a chick’s pussy, and it is both eerie-looking and very arousing, like something from porn manga or anime. You just have to see it work, and how a chick can be orgasmed to half death with its ‘ears’ and ‘body’. Mr. Big is named as the best one, but others will do as well, since they look the same.


6.  Good old traditional vibrator

is OK if you just want to see your fav model give herself a good sex in relaxed manner. We-Vibe Sync is a perfect choice since it is cute to look at and is very ‘helpful’ to a person using it. Lie back, grab your dick and do it in sync with that girl on the screen.

7.  Sex wand

is the last but not the least on this list (nice pun, hehe). It looks weird but works as a good dildo, stimulating all sweet spots of that gorgeous chick (or even two of them, they can share it). Njoy Fun Wand is must-see in such cams, since it looks like an anal beads chain but is made in metal, – hard, shiny and very sexy.

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