5 Surprising Ways Sex Cams Improve Stamina

What can be better than naked girls live going by hundreds in front of you and waiting for you join then in their horny fun? Probably nothing, and this pool of please is awaiting you only. Dive headlong and stay in that sweet captivity as long as you want, it’s all yours (as long as your Internet provider does not mess up with connection and bandwidth). That’s the incentive huge enough to keep you engaged with these delicious chicks every free moment you have.

But what if you learned that your naughty exercises are also good for your sexual health and stamina? Wouldn’t it be great (especially if you have problems with it or think that you have them)? And actually, it is true! Yes, jerking off vigorously while watching amazing naked girls live fuck themselves in pink tight holes and pouty mouths with huge dildos or watching them masturbate and squirt their juice in ecstasy can really help you get better and last longer in good old offline sex. Wonder how? Read on and chalk it up.

1.    Intro and foreplay.

This is about talking and building up the tension and desire. If your lack of ‘reservation” stems from stress and lack of confidence and not of some physical reasons, then  engaging in light flirting and moving to more frivolous and explicit language can help you. The more you flirt with positive feedback and happy ending, the more confident you become. The more timer you hear ‘yes’ and get that wonderful slutty peach of a girl do things that drive you crazy (and so you explode happily), the more satisfying your overall sex life is.

When you know how to flirt and gradually establish intimate contact with a girl, the more confident you become about holding back for longer. If you are relaxed and happy, you are more likely to keep the pacing of a partner and find no troubles in lasting a bit longer to make your partner come. It is called cumulative effect.

2.    More time spent on sex boosts your morale and gives more experience.

This is about the same cumulative effect but of a different kind. If you pick a sexy girl on https://firecams.com and go to private chat, it is almost equal to real life sex. Engage in prelude, undressing, a bit of dirty talk and ask what she would like to do to please herself. While wanking and having a good time, try to notice what she does and how she reacts. Thus you will have more and more experience in sex without disappointment and loss of self-esteem.  So when you get a girl laid down in your bedroom you will know what to do and how to do. Change of focus will help you distract a bit and last longer as well.

3.    Try new ways to masturbate in company of naked girls live.

It can be so that you masturbate too actively/fast/hold your dick too tightly and so you explode some 30 second after you started. With cam girls you have enough naked bodies and sexual shows to masturbate for eternity, so try different  techniques and see if lighter grip or slower friction help you get aroused slower and last longer. Use this new technique to get used to slower pacing.

4.    Think of sex and giving sexual pleasure in new ways.

See how girls go about sex. It is so much more that stick-in-the-hole approach. Hands, mouth, dildos, toys are all good for giving pleasure. So even if you came before your partner, learn to use hands, lips and toys to make them come as well. So your ejaculation is only a beginning of the climax, so to say J

5.    Gain confidence by knowing how to use sex toys to please a partner.Usually toys are associated with lonely people getting some pleasure, but actually toys are excellent for couples and diversification of sex life. See what toys are most popular with naked girls live and how they use them. Get yourself such items and know how to handle them. When the moment comes you will be ready to apply them skillfully and satisfy your partner with toys, your hands, your body and your little dirty talk. Besides, while fucking your girl with a vibrator and seeing it all like in a movie you may get so aroused that you will hit the second round and finish the task with your own dick. Combo! That’s what you’ve been striving for, after all.

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